invisiblehand - Coaching & Consulting


Executive coaching

The personal image of an executive relies on various factors ranging from carefully planned, a goal-oriented strategy to its professional implementation. Authenticity requires not only preparedness but an aptness to seize upon favourable opportunities. Our multifaceted personal coaching services cover all areas indispensable for any candidate or policy maker: from strategy planning, through speech writing, to professional coaching and the organizing of media events.

Tender and project communication

Our company regards communication concerning future tenders not merely as the necessary first step in a planned project but as a phase which greatly contributes to the success of the project as a whole. Our services cover all aspects of this phase from the assessments of demands, through visual and image-planning to complex marketing and PR-activities. The success of any project relies of the awareness of the target group concerning the benefits provided.

Campaign planning

The strength of every campaign rests on the careful assessment of demands and competition, as well as on the employment of innovative communicational methods. The principals underlying the business campaign are the same as those that govern politics, the methods alone differ. Our associates have had over a decade of experience with planning and implementing campaigns in both business and politics. With such experience behind us, our company presents a valuable asset in the framing and execution of campaigns of any pitch or target group, from the initial steps on to final success.

Crisis communication and management

Even the most prepared political or economic decision makers may occasionally be faced with obstacles which they cannot overcome on their own. It is our belief however, that every crisis is an opportunity for our partners to reposition themselves and emerge even stronger. Our company guarantees continuous assistance to our partners regarding crisis communication in order to turn any crisis into an opportunity.

Competition monitoring

No campaign can be successful without the careful assessment of the opponent’s or competition’s strengths and weaknesses, the monitoring of their progress to ensure rapid, adequate responses. The basis of successful economic and social policy is proper awareness of the surrounding landscape, the available elbow-room, and this makes day-to-day monitoring of our competition’s activity a crucial factor. Our company guarantees the effective assessment and analysis, as well as the continuous monitoring of competing economic and political players’ movements for all our partners.