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Behind every successful political or business leader, there is a team committed exclusively to satisfying the demands of their partner. At Invisible Hand, we function as our name implies, helping to achieve our partners’ goals. Our company provides all services within the spectrum of professional and communicational counselling, including strategic planning and opinion polls. Our success lies in our personal and discreet approach, as we are well aware: the best result is ensured by the close cooperation of the partners.

We believe in the benefit of unexpected ideas and regard every professional and communicational challenge as an opportunity to render our partners’ approach more appealing to their costumers. Our associates have over a decade of experience developing the professional and communicational efficiency of policy makers, as well as business and non-profit organizations. Our services include covering all necessary areas of strategic planning and coordinating tasks and resources, building upon assessing our partner’s demands, as well as carrying out daily operative tasks.
Invisible Hand sets out to introduce a new level of quality in Hungarian political and business counselling. Keeping in mind the goal of our partners’ successes, we aim to increase their professional and communicational efficiency. All activities undertaken by Invisible Hand will remain outside public attentions, while providing our partners with tangible results.

Dr. Bálint Ruff, Executive Director, Partner

Received his law degree at Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Began his professional career in various offices of law, later assuming the position of legal counsellor for the Prime Minister’s Office. Gained further experience as Chief of Staff within the Ministry of Rural Development – coordinating a team of 150 – between 2007 and 2008. Subsequently, worked as public policy and communicational counsellor, but has also had experience in personal coaching. Has previously served as executive in two foundations.